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From the beginning of the modern financial world, there have constantly been inequalities and unfair conditions. We have made it our mission to put an end to these circumstances and to enable harmony and prosperity for retail investors. We think that unity is key in achieving successful investment results and an unbiased financial market. Through the power of cryptocurrencies we will provide the necessary security mechanisms for a stable, decentralized network of different investors. By eliminating the need for middlemen, we will enable a new era of flourishing investments.

No more cuts. No more fees.


In a rigged financial world,
a new star is rising

Banks and insurance companies have been living on their customer's money for decades. They have been using all kind of statistic tricks and marketing campaigns to create a financial world which no outsider could ever understand. The year 2008 has shown that only a handful of bankers knew what kind of toxic securities and stocks had been created. To this day the consumers have to live with the consequences – zero interest rate policies and inflation are the aftermath of the rigged man's scheme.

We asked ourselves: "Why?"

Discover Savvy
and save real money

We, a group of avid students and a finance professor with experience in the financial sector, wanted to put an end to this. All of those who make money out of your investments had to vanish from the value chain, and that is exactly what we are doing – Instead of relying on others to make a transaction happen, we buy assets on our own and based on our experts' experience. By acting as a fiduciary we can buy specialized assets for you without subtracting anything from your money.

You pay $100, you invest $100.

The Savvy Token

The real value token the world needs.

  • Real Assets, Real Values

    Right from the start, your token value will be backed by real estate, vintage cars, and other value-increasing assets.

  • Invest together

    As part of the Savvy Community, you will be able to actively participate in collective investment projects.

  • No more middlemen

    By replacing all middlemen in the investment value chain we reduce unnecessary costs for retail investors.


The Savvy Token at a glance

A cryptotoken has many facets.
We have collected the most decisive ones and dedicated this section to them.

Broad portfolio

Token holders can benefit from numerours value-increasing real assets at once.


Sell your tokens at any point in time. No minimum requirements. No lockups.

Value on the rise

Watch your token value constantly increase due to the inflationary nature of your portfolio assets.


Thanks to the stong growth of the Savvy Community, we are proud to present our next steps on our way towards a brighter future.

Download The Whitepaper

As with all new technologies, a certain amount of research is required. Our whole team has put in its years-long expertise, long hours of work, and strong support from our partners to collect and analyze numerous data points. The results of our work will lay the foundation for Savvy and a new era of profitable investments. The Whitepaper serves both as an academic justification and a pitch element for all those that want to understand the opportunies which are enabled by Savvy.

The Whitepaper also includes technical features of the Savvy token (as specified in the ERC-20 specifications) as well as other fundamental information.

Our Team

We have successfully assembled the leading experts in each of our target areas and we are proud to present them here. Together, we enable you to invest in real assets and achieve real results without having to cut your returns.

Harald Poullain
Harald Poullain


Julia Beuerlein
Julia Beuerlein


Patrick Luger
Patrick Luger


Philipp Daun
Philipp Daun

Chairman supervisory board

Ramona Reichl
Ramona Reichl

CSO Art and Precious Metals

Nick Pfeuti
Nick Pfeuti

CSO Real-Estate

Johannes Wieland
Johannes Wieland

CSO Vintage Cars & Whiskey

Maurice Kniehl
Maurice Kniehl

CSO raw materials, forest, and agricultural land

Frequently Asked Questions

As with all ICOs, there are always some questions left to answer, so we have collected the most frequently asked ones here. Of course you can contact us directly through the contact form below.

An ICO is a modern way of raising capital through the use of cryptocurrencies.
Savvy is a new token that aims at eliminating the pressing fees for retail investors.
Savvy will be available for sale through most Crypto Exchanges in the world.
Yes. Savvy allows its users to invest with most common fiat currencies.
The pre-sale is set to start on October 20th.
The main sale is set to start on December 1st.
The pre-sale discount is 30%
In total, 800 million Real-Value-Tokens will be sold.
In a nutshell: It is the world's first token that is fully backed by real (and tangible) assets.
You can choose to hold, pay with, or invest Savvy (and see its value increase).
2 factors: It's backed by value-increasing assets and will benefit from our buyback programs.
A handful of real assets are projected to increase in value in the future (and they have been doing so for many years). That's why Savvy is (and will be) a strong investment.
Despite being very new, tokens are regulated by law and are thus less susceptible to fraud. Several bodies govern ICOs and ensure a fair treatment of buyers.
While cryptocoins can only be used as a mean of payment, tokens can be used in many more circumstances (such as invessting collectively with our app).
There are no limits when buying Savvy. You start at 1 Savvy and have endless possibilities.
Whoever does that is straight-out lying to you. No one can predict returns for all holders of coins/tokens. However, your best bet is Savvy, which is backed by the most promising assets on the market.

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