540 ha megafarm - our latest big investment! megafarm brazil 540 hectar megafarm brazil 540 hectar

We are delighted to announce today that we have just acquired another large farm in Brazil. 540 hectares of fertile land near Urucurituba, the Brazilian capital of cocoa. On our 540 hectares currently grow a variety of plants such as bananas, cocoa, capuacu and more.

We will use this land to grow teak trees that produce a wonderfully high quality wood. In addition to our other plantations on which we plant paulownia, we thus complement our forest portfolio. Here, too, we will start intercropping between the trees to plant many other medicinal plants and superfoods, which also increases the quality of the teak trees by the mixed culture. In our plantations we do not want to realize an industrial plantation, but rather follow the example of nature and build a plantation that resembles a mixed forest and produces many different plants.

With a growth time of 30 years, teak trees grow almost 3.5 times as long as our paulownia trees. We therefore consciously rely on a rather long-term investment. We will plant between the trees for example cocoa (which comes from wild cocoa plants), chianca piedra or even pepper and not only build up a unique mixed culture, but also once again combine economic efficiency and ecology. We have achieved our next goal with this investment.

We wanted to acquire about 1,000 hectares of land and reforest the old plantations. In total, we now have 1,125.5 hectares of land, which we will now refine according to our concept. Which possible value is behind, we can explain by the following numbers:

There are many providers of so-called "tree investments" where you can lease 1 hectare of land and thus become the owner of the trees (but not the land itself). Such an acre costs on average $ 32,000 lease. Thus, we could expect for our country with a value of about $ 32 million.

But since we ourselves pursue the concept of mapping the entire value chain, we have a different calculation. Per hectare we get after 8 years (Paulownia) a value of wood of about $ 80,000 - 100,000. The value of the entire country would thus increase to 80 - 100 million dollars.

But there is more ...

Our country alone is worth more because it is worked and therefore not desolate. In addition, intercropping gives us numerous by-products that we can market during this time.

Our goal for 2020 is therefore to prepare the land accordingly and reforest it with our whole plants.

We have a lot to do here and can therefore provide work for many Brazilians.

So let's get started.

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