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Updated: Mar 12, 2020

With today's crash on the oil market (over 20%) and the dispute in Opec + (Opec and Russia), the oil price in 2006 fell to a similar low as in 2016.

The current price is 33.35 dollars

The opportunities are therefore very attractive again in the long term and long-term investors should watch oil closely and wait for the next developments and then put oil on the shopping list ...

So you could buy Total S.A today at the same price you did 20 years ago!

You Want to buy around $ 50 for just $ 35 and invest in oil in the long term?

Then TOTAL S.A is now an interesting value!

We believe that the oil war in Opec + is still going on, but many cannot live with the prices in the long term and the prices will therefore rise again.

With a book value of almost $ 50 per share, TOTAL is a very good buy!

Oil, even if it will be replaced more and more, will continue to be a driving force of our economy for the next few years and so this material value is also a purchase for us!

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