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500 ha mega farm taken over!

We are very happy to announce today that we have taken over another farm in Brazil. The 500 ha farm includes grassland, scrub and some forest sections.

Our goal is to bring this farm back on track and expand it into a cash cow.

Paulownias, pepper, wild cocoa, moringa, acai and much more will be planted here to bring this farm back to life.

Some of the plantations we have taken over so far are already producing products on the highest level. Due to that we are glad, that we supply several supermarkets and wholesaler in Brazil. We will expand this cooperation and open new markets in Brazil.

The direction is clear:

High quality products at fair and affordable prices.

With our high-quality products, we will first head for the market in Brazil and then the markets in the USA and China, in order to meet the increasing demand, there for premium-class organic products.

We will also import some selected products to Europe, starting next year, and market them here directly as usual.

For the Brazilian market, we have founded the company my-foods Brazil, which will manage the complete operations of the primary sector in Brazil.

Since the products can only ever be as good as the people who produce them, our focus is on advancing our employees. Employees in Brazil already have many benefits that they can claim from companies, but we would not be if we did not do more here than it is required.

We are currently setting up an employee participation program that will involve all employees in the success of the company. We will offer this not only in Brazil, but in all countries where we operate or will operate in the future.

Another 50 ha plantation has been purchased!

In addition, we are happy to announce, that we purchased another plantation in Brazil.

It is 50 ha best land, which seems to be created for our paulownia trees. Our new plantation is located directly at the Rio Aneba. That means we have more than enough water to plant several wonderful, high profitable superfoods between the trees. Despite the superfoods we will also grow spices, like pepper and vanilla, here.

We were able to take over the 50 ha for a very low price and will now remodel them into a great plantation.

Also, this property is not a rainforest, but an old plantation, which we have bought now and will reforest it with our precious trees.

For strategic reasons, we are reviewing further investments in Brazil and hope to be able to provide more information soon.

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