Brazil - our Plantation "Piracui"

Finally the time has come and we can show the first pictures of our plantation "Piracui" in Brazil.

Over 10,000 moringa trees and 12,000 paulownia trees, 10,000 graviola trees and much more are currently being reared. From next week Inca nuts (Sacha Inchi) will be added.

As you can see, the Moringa trees are already growing excellently and will be planted on our 540 ha farm Uricuricumba in the next few weeks.

We will build a mixed culture on our plantations, consisting of paulownia, moringa, banana trees and vegetables. This not only brings more yields, but is also particularly important for the bananas so that they are protected from pests.

In addition, the machines (small tractor, trailer, tiller and much more) arrived at our plantations this week, and our employees received extensive training in how to use the machines and also in accident protection.

Next week there will be a training where our new employees will learn how to deal with the sensitive plants when they are moved to the plantation, but also later when they are being cared for. In addition, we have scheduled a hygiene training, including information on our organic focus, so that everyone is up to date here too.

Our goal for mid 2020 is to have over 5,000 moringa trees and 60,000 paulownias planted on our plantations by then, and in between lots of fruit, vegetables and superfoods such as Inca nuts.

We look forward to the challenge and are proud of our great employees in Brazil and Indonesia!

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