Finally - our first Paulownia seedlings in Brazil!

Done! Here is the first photo of our Paulownia seedlings that we grow in Brazil.

With our Paulownia, we build a mixed culture of trees, fruits and vegetables. This mixed crop has the great advantage of not only reforesting old plantations, but also planting valuable fruits and vegetables in places between the plants. Plants in a mixed crop are healthier, the soil retains better humus and therefore nutrients and moisture, and therefore fruits and vegetables grow up to 15% better than without this mixed crop. On the other hand, of course, our trees also provide shade and, therefore, our plants thrive in true symbiosis and in pure organic quality!

We offer sought-after fruit and vegetables in Brazil in absolute organic quality at good prices.

my-foods Brazil stands for the highest quality, social and ecological sustainability and fair prices.

Fresh fruits, refreshing teas and the best vegetables from my-foods Brazil - ltd - company

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