May we introduce? Our first plantation in Brazil!

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Here we took over an existing 30 ha lime plantation in the Amazon region, in the south of Manaus. These will be reforested with paulownia trees (similar to our project in Indonesia).

Between the trees we plant numerous superfoods like:

  • Chanca piedra

  • Guarana

  • Pedra Hume de Kaá

  • Carqueja

We compare the Amazon region with a pharmacy, in which not all plants have been identified so far. We also want to show that nature conservation and economic use are not contradictory. Rather, the combination of conservation and economic use is currently the only way to counteract deforestation in the Amazon region (which has taken really frightening proportions).

For that reason we reforest old plantations with our trees, which bind above average CO2. We can harvest these trees after about 8 years. The trees are planted for high quality furniture. Thus, the CO2 is not released after the harvest, but is still bound for years in the furniture.

After the harvest of the trees they grow right back. So we not only get another CO2 reduction, but also high-quality furniture, which allow us, with the profits, to buy more plantations. In addition, we also buy rainforest, which we protect and so this piece of rainforest can not be purchased by others, who then want to cut it down for palm oil or soybeans.

We are currently in the process of buying 1,000 ha of rainforest and hope to be able to present this investment in our future (climate and nature as well as the preservation of the animal and plant world) in the upcoming weeks.

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