Our next investment in Brazil - ad hoc announcement

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

We are glad to inform you about an additional deal. We just have bought a small 3.5 ha soursop, banana and passion fruit plantation near Manaus (only around 15 minutes away), which is already in full production.

This investment was made especially because of strategic reasons.

On the plantation in addition to own bananas and passion fruits especially soursop seedlings are produced. Only with the bananas and the soursop seedlings high monthly sales numbers are realized, which will amortize this investment quickly.

But the most important reason is, that we will have expert employees in Brazil through this investment, who know about the rearing of seedlings (in organic quality). With the existing free capacities we can produce our own seedlings for our trees and superfoods, also for the other Brazilian plantations, professional and low-priced. Due to this investment we save manpower and space for the rearing of the seedlings on the other plantations and are able to use them more efficiently.

Furthermore this investment helps us to get used with the strategic important city Manaus and to establish contacts and relationships, that will be helpful for being successful in this region. We are now nearby a metropole from where we can also coordinate our activities.

Through this investment we have laid an important cornerstone for our many projects in the field of plantations for the reforestation of old plantations with trees and superfoods and for the care of our rainforest conservation projects.

Sincerely, your team from

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