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Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Paulownia - or depending on the variety also called "Kiri tree" are exactly what our environment needs:

- Paulownia grow very quickly (in the right climate)

- they bind more C02 than conventional forests and even more than the rainforest

- they make a very high quality wood

- the wood is very light (therefore it is also called the "aluminum" of the wood)

- it does not draw water after harvesting and is therefore wonderfully suitable as timber

- it is flame retardant

- it grows back completely within 8-9 years (depending on the climate zone)

We planted the first trees 1 year ago on our tree plantation in Indonesia. In the beginning, the plant focuses on the formation of the roots. After this phase - which takes 6 months to 1 year depending on the climate zone - the trees are cut off at ground level. From this point on the tree grows properly. We did this cut back on November 30th, 2019.

Since November 30th, 2019 we have trees that are now up to 10 meters tall. The tree circumference is up to 42 cm on the ground and up to 25 cm measured at a height of 1.50 meters. And we are proud of these values! Our team in Indonesia works hard for it every day and we all put a lot of effort into producing the highest quality wood here.

There are tree plantations in Europe that offer Paulownia investments. The European paulownia will get the values ​​that our trees already have at best after 2 years. The difference is simple. We went with the plantations where the best conditions for the trees are present.

In the subtropics, where otherwise mighty rainforests grow, we buy old plantations and reforest them with our fast growing Paulownia. There are no seasons in the subtropics and therefore our trees grow 365 days a year. In Europe we have a growing season of approximately 8-9 months.


And now everyone can own our trees! Buy one or more trees in our shop. You get a tree that is already in the first year of growth and is about 8-10 meters tall (quality comes before size).

In about 6.5 years we will see if the trees are ready for harvest and if so we will offer you the current value of the wood or you can sell it yourself. Until then, we will take over the complete maintenance and all costs of the harvest, so that you can only sell or receive the pure wood (in beams or boards).

If your tree breaks (for whatever reason), you will receive a replacement tree free of charge. We guarantee that you will definitely have a top tree in 6.5 years!

If you want to buy more than 10 trees, just send us an email - we will offer you a 10% discount! With more than 50 trees there is a 15% discount. Mail at! For our plantations in Brazil, which we are currently building from scratch, we offer trees at a special price of $ 100 per tree. These trees are just being replanted.

A tree produces approx. 1 to 1.5 cubic meters of wood. A solid meter of Paulownia wood of the best quality brings about $ 600 to $ 900. We always base our calculations on $ 400 to $ 600 to have enough reserves here.

You can visit your trees at any time on our plantation in Indonesia or in Brazil and you will receive monthly information about the development of your trees!

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