The big bang in the financial industry

The blockchain not only moves entire industries, it also offers the opportunity to completely redesign entire industries and to throw dusty things out of the system.

The financial sector is facing a fundamental change. We are talking about blockchain-based tokens - namely equity tokens and asset-backed tokens.

Asset-backed tokens:

This token is tied to a concrete value and so a token can be e.g. a gram of gold.

Equity tokens:

These tokens are share-like tokens and can represent a share of a company's equity.

Both tokens have one thing in common - they represent a concrete value. They put an end to the so-called utility tokens, which were issued in the past by many companies and do not share any valuable assets. Rather, these are just coupons that have often been tied to questionable business models.

Where is the big advantage of tokens?

Who wanted to invest in valuable assets in the past, had to bring some money normally. As a result, many assets were not accessible to small investors. At this point, the tokens join on. A company acquires, e.g. an expensive property or a large land area and emits corresponding tokens. Thus, anyone who buys a token can invest directly in the company (equity token) or directly in that particular tangible asset (such as real estate) through the asset-backed token and thus invests in valuable assets with little money.

But that's not enough. If you want to buy a property and resell it after some time, you have to first look for a buyer (for example, through a broker), you have to do viewing and determine the value and then handle the whole purchase through the notary. The whole thing is not only very time consuming (about 3 months), but with 10 - 15% additional costs also quite expensive.

The tokens, however, can be sold or bought on a daily basis for public price. Thus, tokenization brings movement into the rigid commodity markets by making the assets "liquid". In addition, the investments also become more interesting for small investors, since just the high costs for the purchase or the sale are eliminated and no intermediary needs to be paid.

So far, at every purchase or sale an intermediary earns. That costs time and money:

In the case of tokenized assets, the purchase and sale takes place directly between the participants. This saves a lot of time and money and they both know what they are getting and what they have to pay for:

Through tokenization, all sorts of tangible assets that are otherwise difficult or impossible to resolve (such as art or real estate) can be offered and sold cheaply on the secondary market in the form of a token.

Research and surveys by institutions such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), Deloitte or McKinsey show that by 20127 up to 10% of global gross domestic product (GDP) will be stored and processed by using blockchain technology. Finoa, a custody service provider founded by two former McKinsey consultants, has forecasted that the 10% will match a $ 24 trillion asset market by 2027:

We at do just that. We invest in selected assets and have so far built up a considerable portfolio and thus already successfully provided the proof of concept:

- real estate

- plantations

- precious metals / diamonds

- art

- and many more

These assets will be further expanded step by step and we will also include additional assets in our portfolio. We will use our equity token, which we will officially issue in 2020, to give every investor the opportunity to participate from our concept and, therefore, from our assets.

But that is not enough! In addition to our equity token, we will also issue individual asset-backed tokens, which allow each investor to assemble their own portfolio.

A push of a button and gold is bought or sold. Or should it be part of one of our great tree plantations on which noble teak wood or valuable paulownia wood grows?

The real financial revolution has just begun and we're there from the start! Register on the site of and get a bonus of 10% to 20% at the presale of our ICO. Register now!

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