The next big milestone is done ..

To distribute our teas, coffees and superfoods through one channel in Europe, we founded the company UG (limited) in Germany.

my-foods (limited) will be responsible for our following brands in Europe:




Thus, with UG (limitation of liability) we have a company that can offer our own products (superfoods, teas and coffees) as well as our commercial products in a wide assortment to our customers.

Highest quality is our goal and we have made every effort to do it justice.

Organic / vegan / sustainable and socially responsible are just a few key points. But that's not enough for us.

While many discuss the deforestation of rainforests, we have acquired over 1,000 hectares of land that we actively protect.

We also acquired old abandoned plantations in the Amazon region, which we reforest with our trees to revegetate some bare places of our planet. Between our trees we will plant medicinal herbs, superfoods and spices to show, that an economical usage and active antipollution together is more than compatible.

Long-term investments in our plantations and our climate are paying off in the long term. We will also expand our rainforest conservation project, and for every product sold, $ 1 will be spent on the purchase of additional rainforest and abandoned plantations.

Questions? Please write us.

Your - team

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