Update - October 2019

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Today we present you the 1st edition of our monthly report. In the future, we will inform you once a month about the latest developments in our company and our investments. We want to start with our smallest-sized agricultural investment in terms of area, but it has enormous potential and therefore represents a strategically important investment for us.

On August 25, we announced the acquisition of our 3.5 ha farm. On this farm we already have employees who are very well acquainted with the breeding of new seedlings.

With this knowledge, we have already expanded this. With this expansion, we pursue the goal of supplying our other farms with the best seedlings from our own production.

By own production, we not only save a lot of money, but we can also guarantee the high quality that we have set ourselves.

So far, especially Graviola seedlings were produced and also resold. Now we have expanded the assortment with passion fruit, lime and pepper seedlings.

The rearing station has already been expanded to grow our paulownia and teak seedlings soon. In addition, we will also grow our Inca nuts - the Sacha Inchi - as seedlings and plant them on our plantations.

Our employees in Brazil are very excited about the project and work every day with pleasure in the rearing of our numerous seedlings. We are proud of our employees and it is a lot of fun and joy to see which wonderful seedlings have already been grown.

In addition to the production of seedlings, we also have bananas on some acres of land around the breeding station, which we already sell to some supermarkets. Even before we took over this plantation, passion fruit trees and graviola trees were planted and in just a few months we will be able to see the first crops here. In total, 3 harvests per year are possible in Brazil, ensuring trade throughout the year.

After taking over the plantation, we first had to invest in the irrigation, so that the plants on the plantation and of course the seedlings have a secure water supply. We continue to invest in a variety of work materials to progressively modernize the plantation and the breeding station.

We are already so far that the plantation works almost cost-covering and so our numerous seedlings can be raised in principle without additional costs.

The next major investment is a pick-up to be able to supply some customers directly. In addition, we will also work to win more supermarkets and wholesalers as customers. In the future, the topic of local advertising and logistics will be increasingly addressed, because in the past the plantation has not been given special importance.

Due to the fast and positive developments in Brazil, we are confident that we will be able to find many new customers with the highest quality at attractive prices.

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