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Artworks, whether large or small, whether as a sculpture or as a painted picture, piece of music or handicraft, open a door to the world of shapes, colors and connect the whole with a multitude of feelings and emotions and often let us immerse into a completely different world. For us, artworks are not just an asset, but for us they are part of life, part of the achievement of our world. Promoting art is more than investing money - it is rather making a contribution to our society, pouring thoughts and fantasies, but also realities into shapes or fixing them with colors and thus communicating them to our posterity. An artwork is like a time machine that many viewers will remember in the future today, all the good, all the bad and all that we are, what we were and what we want to be and will be. Art always has a value - a higher value for one and a lower value for another and that has always been the case and will always remain so. invests in selected tangible assets and with the subject art invests primarily in artists. We have acquired some beautiful works of art and thus also enable some artists to live from their art. Of course we hope that our selected artists will become better known and maybe even famous over time and that we will of course also have a small treasure in our collection with the works. But we wouldn't be if we left it all up to chance. Rather, we are building a platform step by step that should give artists and newcomers the opportunity to present their works to a wide audience and thus perhaps make a breakthrough and be able to make a living from art. We invest in absolute newcomers as well as in established artists who are one step ahead and can already exist on the international art stage. Our primary selection criterion, however, is that a work of art must simply appeal to us - it must touch our hearts and tell us a story. We will show which stories these are on our “” platform on Facebook, as well as soon on our website Works of art open a door to another world, make us think, let us laugh and cry, and often simply because we associate our history with it, recognize our socialization or even remember forgotten stories. The beginning of our collection began with an artist who has long been under her spell and whose pictures tell us very special stories. They are sensual, often also slightly erotic, which deliberately often also obscure and thus also appeal to our imagination, are brought onto the canvas using spatula art and we are always fascinated anew! We are pleased to have found a very soulful and cheerful artist in Ms. Sabine Türk, whose works rightly have a very special place in our collection. Sabine Türk, Karlsruhe (Germany) As a small introduction, here is a collage of a few pictures that we acquired from Ms. Türk or that she has painted in the past: But we want to present you a very special picture in more detail - our Madeleine Clement in Paris in the early 50s. Madeleine Clement - the pearl of the Seine:

Pictures are more than canvas and paint - pictures are often whole stories. Madeleine Clement - today's masterpiece by Ms. Sabine Türk invites us on a short journey through time. Will you come with us? Paris in the early 50's Time was not easy - France's war against Algeria (1954-1962) also affected people at home in France. The radio was still relatively new and at the beginning of the 50s Astor Piazzolla developed his Tango Nuevo - a fusion of tango, jazz and classical music, which increasingly found its lovers. Our Madeleine Clement lives in this time and world. We walk through Paris in the 50s - the city of love and maybe see a dancing woman through a door of a restaurant, maybe only for a few moments. We see Madeleine Clement, whose name we do not know, but we see her dancing and instinctively we assume that she must be happy, since she is dancing. However, we do not know whether our Madeleine is happy. Maybe she dances in a suitable establishment to make the money for the rent with. Does she possibly miss her husband, who is at war in Algeria and is eagerly waiting for him to come home to her and their children? Do we see a woman who fights and loves and is desperate at heart, but indulges in the Tango Nuevo and dances, for example, just to be able to forget a bit? Forget the worries for a moment - just repress them for a moment and be the little carefree child from back when worries were a foreign word - is that exactly the moment we're watching? "Dancing is the mirror of the soul" says one - "You don't have to be happy to dance the soul out of your body," says the other. As is so often the case, the truth is somewhere in between. We do not know how our Madeleine really is and we will never find out. We only know that she is dancing and at least at this moment, maybe for a few seconds, is happy, because maybe she could forget everything else for a short time. However it is actually our Madeleine - we go on and wish her all the best and that "all may be well"... As we move on, however, we find one thing: we all have a little Madeleine Clement in our hearts - and at any time in this world history there are influences on us people that we would like to forget for a few moments with a little dance. - the art area of wholeheartedly wishes you that you can dance out of happiness, joy and cheerfulness and that your Madeleine Clement may be really happy in your heart... We can still present entire books on Ms. Sabine Türk's pictures here, but for today it should be enough. If you are interested in Ms. Türk's pictures, just have a look at our website or our Facebook page. You can also take a look at our entire gallery in the members' area on We are looking forward to your visit! Your art team from

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