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Buy your own paulownia tree (kiri tree) for $ 125 including care


We offer Paulownia trees (from 1 to 100,000) for sale.

The trees are grown in Indonesia (Bintan) and Brazil (Amazonas). They can be bought in different growth stages.

All trees are at least over 1 year old.


The trees are cut back completely after 6 months, so that they re-knock and then no longer focus on the roots, but in growth. Since this pruning (on average) the trees have grown by 80 cm! which is  above average.

The harvest is expected to take place in 2027.


There are three varieties to choose from:

- Elonganta (good furniture wood) for $ 250 / tree (set 01/2019)

- Fortunei (high quality furniture wood) for $ 250 / tree (set 01/2019)

- Eloganta and Fortunei  for $ 195 / tree (set 05/2020)

- Eloganta and Fortunei for $ 175 (set 04/2021)

- Eloganta and Fortunei for $ 135 (planting 05/2021 - 12/2021)


In case a tree dies, you will get a replacement tree free of charge in the same growth period (we make this replacement indefinitely!).


When buying  100 or more trees you receive a discount of 5%!


The tree plantations can be visited at any time - weekly pictures of the development of the purchased trees are self-evident.


Harvesting and marketing of the trees will take place after 8 years . The market price for the harvested wood will then be paid to you accordingly!


We do not warrant a price guarantee for the sale of the wood. The market price depends on the quality of the wood and the market situation prevailing up to that point.

Paulownia-Trees (1 to 100,000 pieces) in Indonesia and Brazil